Nephel in Paris
Alexis Olin
Nephel's Dream Tour, for the Paris exhibition (23/03/2023) of the Nephel's Tour.
The artist

Numerous visits to France since 1995 had a huge impact on Alexis Olins art. Since then, painting, photography and music have become connected with all the projects to which he relates. On par with that, though, brushes with canvas and digital drawing with computer and tablet remain a priority. The edition of the K9 comic book magazine and the fascination with the FrancoBelgian School of graphic novels form the basis for writing and creating paintings and illustrations. Later, the work of the Renaissance, as well as contemporary artists from Europe and Asia, inspired him their turn. The creation and launch of his own brand “Métrique” now gives him the ability to express his singular talent and show his art on clothes & fabrics, using them as canvases, thus unleashing his style outside the walls of the studio and galleries. An holistic approach to art and the use of all mediums and supports of creation are key to Alexis’ vision. Alexis Olin is also at the origin of famous collections & series as an NFT artist since 2020, as his Meditation Rabbits.


Created for the coming of the Nephel's Tour in Paris, the 23/03/2023. Nephel’s Dream is a musical & visual tale that relates the adventure of a child living in Medias, on the border of Romania & Ukraine. Fantastic characters will guide him along a way in a journey where his dreams and innocence will change his destiny. 25 days and nights to Christmas, in a train through the infinity, as many episodes composed by a song and an illustration each, released to the members of the community in the form of an Advent. The Nephel’s Dream was born during the lockdown of 2020 and took shapes two years later, when the band decided to complement audio imagery with a visual universe – Alexis Olin’s work, tasked to illustrate the tale initially by a unique artwork, finally divided it in 25 parts to associate each of them to 25 musics composed and produced by dOP, gathered in an album dedicated to the project. These musics include some featurings : Alina Pash, Steve Smyth ,Tripmastaz and many more, with also a collaboration with the kids of the Learnlife School of Barcelona, with whom they recorded the clip of the single "Nephel's Dream", immortalized by the photographer Charlotte Yonga, who will also exhibit these photos in different events. In the end of 2022, a collaboration starts with the art tech studio Lezar House, to take this project to life. The"digital-to-physical" experience goes beyond the artwork itself by proposing the Nephel’s Tour, a series of exceptional and festive events across Europe consisting in an evolutive exhibition around the art and the project, an encounter with the artists, live act concert by dOP and perfomance by Alexis Olin, private Nephel art sale.





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