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Lezar House, the NFT gallery for crea-tech collaborative projects, opened its space in Barcelona as a demonstration on how to bridge the virtual and real worlds, and just unveiled its first two inaugural collections :
Be twin lines (Lezar Studio)
and Portraits (JP Cassigneul)

Barcelona, May 21, 2022 -
This Saturday, May 21, Lezar, creative studio and incubator using NFT productions as a mean to finance ambitious innovative art, design and architecture digital-to-physical (D2P) projects through its own marketplace, celebrated the opening of Lezar House, the NFT gallery and lab for artists collaboration, in the heart of Barcelona. Subsidiary of the start-up studio PyratzLabs, Lezar introduced its two new collections on the theme of the woman, and minted its first NFTs on the platform Lezar (developed on the blockchain Tezos), among personalities such as Hasheur and Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing Team.

Lezar, powered by the studio PyratzLabs, is a curative art & design incubator operating a creative ecosystem specialized in digital-to-physical (D2P) projects.  With its model designed for supporting creators, Lezar enables them to finance and drive to existence ambitious and costly projects, accompanying them along the creation lifecycle of a production or pre-production of NFTs, of which the sale will finance the project’s real finality.

Providing the tech layers to creative processes, Lezar gathers a wide community and links various actors representing the full spectrum of the Art value chain. The inauguration of its physical House took place on Saturday evening in Barcelona, with the presence of numerous partners, web3 and blockchains actors : being a NFT gallery, a physical lab, a lounge, a design studio but also an incubator, the place aims at revolutionizing the creation and distribution of projects that use tech as a solution to push the boundaries of the creativeness, and to transform artistic dreams into physical reality.

Lezar House introduced  its first two collections, fruit of its creative approach :

>> “Be twin Lines”, collection by Lezar House:
A moving sculpture generated from a dance, born from collaborative R&D and creative technology at Lezar Studio. The project has gathered actors from a myriad of artistic and technological domains. Be twin lines is a collection of 2775 unique pairs of sculptures representing each frame of the dance (111 seconds with 25 images per second). The main utility for holders is to 3D print the digital sculptures they own in the specimens of their choice. 10 specimens, 10 different material possibilities, 10 means of technological breakthrough, resulting in real pieces of art, for metaverse and for home. These designs will be revealed to the community through time as they come out of the Lab.

>> “Portraits”, a lifetime Collection by Cassigneul:
The collection celebrates the 65th anniversary of Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, a painter known and recognized worldwide for his paintings celebrating women. It brings together 100 portraits of women selected and cropped by the artist himself, dating from 1955 to the present. The NFTs were minted on the occasion of the inauguration. The Cassigneul promise aims at democratizing and making the work of a great artist accessible to people. The distribution of this collection is the first step towards the creation of the Cassigneul digital museum, an evolutive museum dedicated to the artist’s lifetime work and controlled by the community of collectors, where it will be possible to explore the full collections as well as unpublished works.

Another particularity of all Lezar Studio Projects is that each NFT from the collections embeds the full Intellectual Property of the creation as well as an utility to claim, consisting in the materialization of the NFT itself into a physical asset, giving the project a tangible value.

The inauguration was also the opportunity to officially open the doors of Lezar House to creators and artists wishing to develop innovative and audacious NFT projects. Various projects full of promises are being studied for a future curation or incubation.

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