This is the story of A1t3968 a non-fungible soul, lost in the first version of the contract.
The artist

Mwan is an enigmatic 3D digital artist whose captivating and introspective approach to his craft sets him apart. With roots in Poland and a later move to France, Mwan's artistic journey has been shaped by profound influences, including the religious icon he encountered in a village church during his formative years. Drawing inspiration from visionary filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick and Darren Aronofsky, as well as the evocative sounds of musicians like Aphex Twin, Mwan's art exhibits a multifaceted and distinctive style. Mwan's creations transcend traditional boundaries, as he intricately weaves together elements from cinema, music, and video games into his art. His masterful pieces, such as "WHY" and "Slavic Blood," delve into the depths of human emotions, exploring dark and tragic themes while providing thought-provoking social commentary. With an unwavering commitment to challenging conventional thinking, Mwan invites viewers to question the ordinary and discover the profound beauty and spirituality that lies beneath the surface. In his meticulous and evocative approach, Mwan amplifies the marks and cracks that life leaves on individuals, using gold as a symbol of the uniqueness and inherent beauty found within each person. Through his art, he fearlessly addresses taboo subjects like religion and violence, seeking to provoke introspection and ignite meaningful conversations. From the immersive and engaging experience he envisions for his viewers to his ongoing creation of a mythological world, Mwan's art extends far beyond static images. By fusing technology and traditional artistic forms, he pushes the boundaries of what NFTs can achieve. With a desire to go beyond passive observation, Mwan aims to involve viewers as active participants, encouraging them to project themselves into his art and become part of its evolving narrative. As he continues to explore and expand his artistic universe, Mwan invites others to join him on a profound and captivating journey where beauty, spirituality, and the human experience converge.


From Shadow to Light, an Eternal Loop of Trial and Failure. This is the story of A1t3968, a non-fungible being lost in the first version of the contract. This piece is a tribute to dystopian cinema which has shaped my vision of a future disenchanted, defeated by its own greatness, and filmmakers like Andreï Tarkovski, Darren Aronofsky, Andrew Dominik and others. The choice of black and white is to remind the websites black and white geometric UI. This look was obtained by the use of oval bokeh, a grain scanned on a real film of the 80s, lens flares and other imperfections that made analog pictures so organic and alive. I am very attached to giving synthetic images a soul by these processes of destruction because I think that true beauty is more complex than perfection. Some major HicetNunc artists are also scattered throughout the plans like Laurence Fuller or John Karel and others to guess.