Istvan Kostura
"Urban Zen Garden" harmonious blend of art and chaos of urban life.
The artist

Istvan Kostura is a Ukrainian-Hungarian visual artist, who was born in 1972 in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Moving between patterns, geometric abstraction and distinct compositions, Istvan Kostura investigates the ‘rational aesthetics’ and ‘elegant simplicities’. Through the deconstruction of everyday forms and lines, Kostura’s art finds new compositions of repetitive patterns with figurative elements in it. Istvan Kostura’s drawings explore ideas of expressive structures, architectural motifs and iteration. By combining an artistic research of structures and distinct lines using ballpoint pens, Kostura’s works awaken organic forms. Solo Exhibitions 2023 - Urban Zen Garden. Ballpoint drawings. Test Gallery, Ukrainian Contemporary Art. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. 2023 - Spontaneous Order. Ballpoint drawings. El Cau del Roure Gallery. Valencia, Spain. 2022 - Ballpoint drawings of selected works. Local Creativo de Joan Santamaria, Valencia, Spain. 2016 - #Oasis (painted wooden objects), Yugo-Oceania, Kotor, Montenegro. 2009 - Substances (video performance), Commercial Center Metrograd, Presentation LG Cellphones, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2009 - Substances (video performance), Yoga Studio Domyoga, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2007 - Substances (video performance and photography), Republic of KaZantip, Popovka, Crimea. 2005 - Clear Room (painting and graphic), Ra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2002 - Speechless (photography), Art Club 44, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2001 - Pointillism Graphics, City Gallery, Nagyatád, Hungary. 1996 - Abstract Paintings, FMK - Black Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. 1995 - Abstract Paintings, City Gallery, Mukachevo, Ukraine Group Exhibitions 2014 - Wooden Objects, Institute of Psychology, Valencia, Spain. 2008 - Substances, Video Performances in collaboration with Rock Band Esthetic Education, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Ukraine. 2008 - Workshop, Republic of KaZantip, Popovka, Crimea. 2006 - Duck Reich (performance and installation), Republic of KaZantip, Popovka, Crimea. 2006 - Attraction (video art), Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, Medzilaborce, Slovakia. 2010 - Perfect Woman (print, collage), Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2006 - Selective Works from Clear Room, Ukrainian Haus, Kyiv, Ukraine. 1998 - Romantic Elements (painting, installation, collaboration with art group PopTrans) Boksay Fine Art Museum, Uzhgorod, Ukraine. 1997 - Nine Divas of Moon in the Dreams of Hercule Poirot. (installation, collaboration with art group PopTrans) City Kindergarten, Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Artist Residencies 2016 - Kotor, Montenegro 2000 - Jebucu, Romania 1998-2001 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary


"Urban Zen Garden" harmonious blend of art and chaos of urban life. The cityscape's architecture and structures, with their peculiar aesthetics and stunning simplicity, are what catch my eye. I perceive a secret spirituality in them—a space for reflection and separation from worldly conceit. They act as a "rock garden" for my subjective experiences, which I then use to create my own picture of the world. Im combining an artistic research of structures and distinct lines. These compositions appear chaotic at first inspection, yet they actually adhere to a set of rules and involve routine mechanical operations. Instead of intentionally created structures, I use my subjective experiences in this project since I'm more interested in automatic behaviours and spontaneous order. The project presents drawings with unique technique, made with a ballpoint pen, using self-made rulers and a system of magnets.