Beyond Words
Filippo Francocci
Digital artwork created using physical notes and doodles made on recycled paper during the VCA residency.
The artist

"Statement: I am a painter, digital artist and musician. I define my work as surreal abstract figuration. I use various processes to create physical and digital artworks. My work is concerned with time and how meaning is shifted through the use of layering. My pieces may develop quickly or over long periods. I sometimes use documents or images from my past and amalgamate them into my work. Chance plays an important role in my creative process. I am particularly interested in the combination of traditional physical forms of art production with digital ones. Bio: Filippo Francocci was born in 1974 in Città di Castello, Italy. When he was two years of age his family moved to South Africa where he grew up and obtained a BA in Fine Arts from Wits University in Johannesburg. On graduation he was awarded a prize for Fine Arts student who made the most advancement as an undergraduate. After his studies he painted for backdrop and interior decorating companies in South Africa, London and Rome. He moved to Europe in 1999 where he continued painting and working as a teacher. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions over the years. Filippo is also a musician and song writer. At the moment he lives and works on the Costa Brava in Spain."


"This digital artwork was created using physical notes and doodles made on recycled paper during the VCA online residency. In preparation for the residency I made some notebooks from recycled paper. After some time I noticed that the pages themselves were becoming interesting. Apart from my written notes the sheets also included doodles I had made during the sessions, printed materials such as texts, barcodes and ai outputs, and marks from spilling water. I thought that by using these pages I could create an ideal final artwork, a way to combine the pieces of knowledge and experience I had gained into one symbolic whole. I scanned the notes into my computer, began composing the layers in the painting program Krita and went on to work on them digitally. At one point my intention was to create a kind of landscape from the words and shapes. After creating a 2d piece I thought it would be interesting to be able to show the different layers, as they were each interesting in their own way. Hence I transformed the piece into a 3d model using Blender. In this way the viewer is able to become part of the work in a virtual space by walking through it and looking inside at all the layers. The piece becomes a digital artifact symbolising the gathering and sharing of knowledge in the web 3 world. "